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Customizeable Kids' Chore Charts

by - March 19, 2020

I have scoured Pinterest for a customizeable chore chart. I just want a chart I can customize and make my own! I'm not talking about a chart I'd have to print and fill out myself but one that has drop down menus, pretty color schemes and CHOICES! Unfortunately, I came up empty handed. There was literally no chore charts I could truly make my own, unless you count printing a blank template and writing it in! Boo! I'm not about that. Lucky for you, I put my big girl pants on (the ones that come up past my belly button), got my old excel hat on and got to work!

Can't even tell you how excited I am to share with you a chore chart for your kiddos that can be 100% your own! EEK!!!

This "printable", which should honestly be called a worksheet, gives you the option to customize every last part of your kid's chores right on down to their reward.

The sheets come in blue or pink and are styled in a gradient format that adds so much beauty to our command center, I absolutely love it!  The charts can be printed to fit an 8x10 or 8.5x11 frame.

The spreadsheet is full of options for your kiddos chores INCLUDING exercises and service! Madi and I loved the chore charts our mom made for us growing up which always consisted of at least one exercise and something nice could do for a family member. "Hug your brother," "Say something nice to your sister," that sort of thing.

Here's a few examples of the drop downs available:

Chose which room you want to clean on which day! I personally have my kids chore charts correspond with my own chore schedule.

Then select options from our long list of chores!

The bottom section of the chart contains "chores" that should be done everyday like making your bed, brushing your teeth, etc.

Lastly, you can pick from a list of rewards you find suitable for you child! $.10, screen time, $1 etc.


1. You CAN customize this on your computer BUT If you want to customize this chart on your phone you need to download the excel app! It is FREE! You won't be able to customize this with any other app.

2. This chart is made for EVERY age. Some of the chores in our list are suitable for 3 year olds while others work for 12 year olds.

3. The spreadsheets are restricted but you can add your own text if you feel like our lists just don't contain exactly what you want.


1. Frame them and grab dry erase markers that way the charts remain nice and clean. Your kids will love being able to check off their own chores each day. Here's a links to what I use and love:
2. If you choose your reward to be financial, consider grabbing piggy banks that are visible. I'm in love with these ones I grabbed from Michaels. They match the gradient style and my kids can see just how much they've saved. I used Hangers in order to make them frame like and my favorite anchors to secure them in dry wall (links below). 

The charts cost just $2.99 and you have access to them FOR LIFE! 
Click below to get access to the Customizeable Kids' Chore Charts:

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