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Hey there!

by - March 16, 2020

Hey everyone! We did it! We're starting a blog and we're so excited you've joined us for the ride! By way of introduction, we are two sisters living across the country from each other. Madison (pictured right) is a mother of 5 living in Ohio and Ashley (pictured left) is a mother of 4 living in Arizona. Deep down inside we are both weirdos, let's just get that out there! We are surviving motherhood with A LOT of sarcasm and a bucket of diet coke!

We run an Instagram page called @igmomtribe and a YouTube channel called From the Same Mr. Naturally, it only makes sense now that we officially over do it by creating a blog!

In reality, we love sharing our lives, product reviews and hacks with YOU. We never knew how much we needed this community of women but we 100% do and we're 100% grateful you're here!

If you're new, welcome! Sit back, don't take us too seriously and enjoy!

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