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Hi friends! We're two sisters living across the country from one another. We started an Instagram and YouTube channel as a way to stay connecected and share our favorite beauty & retail tips, deals and hauls with YOU! We love finding affordable alternatives to expensive trends.

We are only 17 months apart and like most sisters, often shared clothes, beauty products and makeup. Growing up we loved getting ready together, discovering new beauty trends (why were we ever wearing glitter blush?) and sharing clothes. Actually, that's a lie. We hated sharing clothes. We often ended up in a screaming match over a favorite top stolen during a morning rush to school. However, we loved sharing fashion ideas with each other. As we've gotten older that love has transformed into a passion for finding affordable clothing and beauty products!

We love our side hussle and find so much joy in finding affordable retail and beauty products for friends but first and foremost, we're moms. Between us we have 9 kids and we can usually be found wiping a butt or picking up toys. Why do we have so many toys?! Being a mom comes with so many challenges and we knew we wanted our platforms to offer a refuge for moms who are struggling just as much as we are. A place not only to find hauls and deals but laughter too! Our roots are buried deep in humor and we really enjoy mixing that into our content. Especially Ashley...she's really funny. Way funnier than Madi.

Thanks for being here and enjoy shopping our links and learning more about beauty & retail tips and tricks!

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