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Retail Trick of the Week

by - January 13, 2021

Ashley here!

If you're like me, you're a busy mom with 793 things to do in a morning and getting them done with little ones running around makes every task a million times harder. And trying to shop for clothes with kids in tow? It's a recipe for disaster. Every. Single. Time. AmIright? It seems like every time I get brave and try venturing into a store because "maybe my kids are old enough to handle it now," it bites me in the butt.

Luckily for us, we don't have to subject ourselves to torture by clothes shopping the way they did in the olden days. 

Enter Amazon. A mother's gift from God.

I search for what I like. I find. I click "buy". It's here before I know it, all while my sweet little darlings are pounding gold fish crackers and binge watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

That way you can avoid the "shopping with kids" experience that my friend had. I swear on a stack of Diet Cokes that this really happened. She was minding her own business while walking through a clothing store with her toddler and they both stepped into a giant pile of....dog poop. In the store! How does that even happen?

Needless to say, she had a nasty mess to clean up and it ruined her whole shopping trip. Poor girl could have avoided the entire crappy situation (See what I did there?) if she had just stayed home and done her clothes shopping on Amazon. 

I know what you're thinking. You can't bring yourself to make the switch to buying online because its tough to pick out clothes when you can't try them on first. I hear you, sister.

Guess what? Amazon heard you, too. Their solution is Prime Wardrobe. You get to try the clothes for seven days and ship back the ones that didn't work for you without ever paying for them. 

They've eliminated every hurdle for a shopping mom, except for one. The search.

That's were we come in. We've found great deals for you this week for some really hot items and grouped them all together for you here.

That's it. Easy peasy. So, which outfit can you see yourself in? I promise I won't be mad if I run into you at the park and we're wearing the same thing. I'll just compliment your good taste ;)

The Drop Women's White/Black Polka-Dot Tiered Midi Dress by @fashion_jackson
Size-Small (TTS)
This is a total dupe of the Zara black polka-dot dress. So flattering and very comfortable.

Terry Relaxed Fit Joggers
Color-Gray Marl, Size-Small (TTS)
I can't help but grab a pair of joggers every time I shop. These are so, so soft and I love the large pockets!

Blouse: Lark & Ro Women's Georgette Peplum Blouse
Color-Animal Print, Size-Small (TTS)
I love the material on this top. It's a woven crepe and flattering on most figures.
Bottoms: American Apparel Women's The Disco Pant
Color-Black, Size-Medium (Should have ordered a small)
Love the pockets in the back and the zipper and button. +These might be the most comfortable pants I've ever worn! Feels like I'm literally wearing nothing.

Color-235 White, Size-Small (TTS)
This is a very affordable, high-end feeling blouse. I love that I can tie the front.
Color-Sun Devil Trashed, Size 26 (I should have sized up).
I love the look of these high-waisted, distressed jeans. They have a hidden button fly, very little stretch, and come up above the ankle.

Color-Black, Size-Small (TTS)
I love a cardigan with pockets. This knitted cardi is super light weight and perfect for a cool day. It pairs great with these Levi's.

Color- Lotus, Size-27 (TTS)
I can't believe I'm wearing boot cut!
These have a good amount of stretch without overstretching and are very soft. Perfect if you're ready to dive back into boot cut!


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